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Is your website future proof?

When starting a new project, you can not possibly foresee all changes that you may need to implement in the future. Eventually a situation will arise that can not be covered with your current website, and you are forced to rebuild your site. Such a rebuild can be costly, and you risk breaking or loosing existing functionality.

However, while a rebuild can not always be avoided, there are ways to reduce the impact, if a little foresight has been employed when designing the architecture of the original site.

If the architecture is divided into a few mostly independent components that only communicate through a narrow API, then it is often possible to limit the rebuild to one such component, while being able to reuse the others. And even if all components need to be replaced, in many cases this can be done one component at a time, and thus ensuring a smooth transition from the original to the rebuilt site. It is even possible to keep old and new components running side by side, until such time that the old components are no longer needed.

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